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What is FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)?
FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions," and can be pronounced "fak" or simply "F-A-Q." An FAQ is a text file that is created to answer common questions a user may have about a certain software program or that a newcomer to a Web site might have regarding the site.
The purpose of this page will be to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on online shopping of books. For now, we are providing answers to questions specific to using this site.

How do I buy a book?

In order to use our online ordering system you will need to register with our site. If you have not used the service before you can do so at this stage. Otherwise use your email address and password to log-on.
Once you logged on you will get the list of the books along with detail which you want to purchase.

 1. Add Items to Your Cart
To shop at, just locate an item you'd like to purchase and click the "Add to Cart" icon. These icons are usually found beside featured products, on product pages, and search results pages. Clicking this icon places the item in your Cart. Each time you click "Add to Cart," the page will refresh and a shopping cart alert will generate to you. This pop-up window will tell you that the book which you have selected has been added to your shopping cart and gave you three options for further processing:
Check Out: To make sure you have the correct items and quantities. The Cart displays all the items you have selected and let you make adjustments. You can increase or reduce the number of copies you'd like to buy; move items to and from your Wish List, or remove items from your Cart. It also provides a subtotal -- before any shipping charges and taxes are applied -- for your purchase. Once you're comfortable with the items in your Cart, click the “Check Out" button.

Empty Cart: If you want to make your cart empty.
Shop More: If you want to purchase more books.

2. Enter a Shipping Address
We'll ask you to provide a shipping address for the order you are placing and ask for your email address so we can send you updates on its order status. Once you enter this information, click "Submit".

3. Choose a Payment Method
Here you select your payment method. If your billing address is different from the shipping address you selected, you'll be asked to enter it now.

4. Reviewing and Placing Your Order
You're almost done! On the Review page you'll find a summary of your order, including the final cost. Before you submit your order, you'll also have the chance to change any of the shipping or payment information you've entered thus far, or update your book options. When you are ready, click "Order Now" to complete the ordering process.

5. Your Order Number
Finally, we display a page with your order number, which you can save for your records; a link to "View Your Receipt," which will provide a printable version of all the details of your order; and a "Sign Out" button. Shortly after this page displays, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Visa & Master cards.

How do you acknowledge online purchases?

After you have completed your online purchase, you'll be sent an email message.

Will I get a receipt?

After you have completed your online purchase, you can print out your order confirmation if you wish to keep a paper receipt. You will also receive a VAT receipt with your books.

What if I get the book and don't like it?

We do not allow returns unless we shipped the wrong title or it arrived in damaged condition, so be careful.

How long before I get my book?

If the book is in stock it will be delivered within 7 days for other states, 7 to 15 days for international and rest it depends on courier service.

With the help of key number you can view some special pdf files related to particular book. These are the steps to use the key number:

  • Visit our website and log on as an user.
  • If you are a new user, register as new user.
  • Click on the button “Online Store” and then “user logon”.
  • Click on the button “Contents
  • You will find the name of the title you purchased.
  • Click on the hyperlinked title name.
  • Your key number will be validated and you will be able to read the special eBook.
  • Remember that you will get only 10 sessions to log on to our website, your key number will be deactivated once you reach the maximum sessions.

I have another question which isn't on your list. Who should I send it to?