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Publishing at S. CHAND

S. CHAND provides world class publication services to institutions, individuals and society.

  • We have a host of prestigious clients in India and across the world
  • Our titles are unmatched and most of them are bestsellers that meet the knowledge needs of a nation
  • We understand the pulse of the country for product needs,
    content and delivery
  • Our endeavour across the country is to serve our customers
  • Our authors are trendsetters meeting the intellectual needs of a nation while providing services and knowledge to the rest of the world
  • Our organization is flexible and is driven by people and processes
  • Our belief is to build strong partnerships and alliances across the globe for implementing best practices for future growth

At S. CHAND, book publishing is a team effort that is guided by the curriculum requirements for every subject. Within this framework authors, scholars and writers conceive the idea for a book, frame a scholarly approach and write the manuscript. The team of editors, content experts and reviewers evaluate the manuscript for accuracy of content, appropriateness of writing style for grade level, adherence to Board curriculum guidelines and effectiveness of the pedagogy.

We at S. CHAND conduct exhaustive research including learner verification and focus group studies to define the content that should be in a textbook. We also rely on the expertise and extensive classroom experience of our authors, development staff and reviewers to craft content that is accessible to students. Effective content includes the important concepts that all students need to learn, addresses variable learning styles and incorporates teaching and learning techniques that ensures that students master the concept. We believe in the approach in which it will be most effective in the classroom and most competitive in the marketplace.

Books for All

S. CHAND has published curriculum related school books for all core subjects in English, Hindi and other regional languages. It has an academic pool of authors who are well known in their subject areas. In addition to this, we have produced 50 school curriculum related courses that are being used in both CBSE and ICSE schools across the country.

Since our inception, we have worked with more than 1200 authors in the education domain and have delivered more than 7000 titles for students in schools, colleges, universities and other higher educational institutes across the country. This includes at least 25 bestsellers in each category. Our range of publications includes all subjects in schools, colleges, books on professional courses such as engineering, computer science, management, accountancy and for all competitive exams. In addition to this, we have a large collection of reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. And it’s a matter of pride for us to know that some of our books have been in active circulation for over six decades now. Our books are widely accepted in the domestic as well as international market.

This indomitable position of ours has been possible because of our strong emphasis on quality-control processes and transparency in our participative transactions with authors and professionals. And these values have led to the patronage of some of the most reputed and respected academic institutes of the country. In India, more than 15,000 schools figure in our list of clients. To add to this, our success in creating curriculum related content in Science and Mathematics is evident from the fact that over 12,00,000 students of classes 9th and 10th use our English edition books annually while over 3,00,000 use Hindi language editions.

Building Relationships

We firmly believe that sound education is the basic building block of a thriving and healthy economy. We publish quality books because of the fine relationships that we built up with authors of repute and distinction. Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan, former President of India, Shri Morarji Desai, Ex-Prime Minister of India, were among our eminent authors. Books by P.C. Wren, H. Martin, N.D.V. Prasada Rao, B.S. Bahl, G.D. Tuli, Satya Prakash, W.U. Mullick, M.V. Pylee, B.L. Theraja, R.S. Khurmi, V.K. Mehta, Mani Ram Aggarwal, R.S. Aggarwal, Father Camil Bulcke, Lakhmir Singh, S.K. Gupta, O.P. Malhotra etc., continue to capture the Indian Education landscape for many decades and generations. The company is the only publisher that has, for the first time in India, published higher academic technical books in Multicolour Illustrative Editions.

The group assets exceed more than US$ 100 million. The company provides employment to over 400 people across the length and breadth of the country in various establishments.