S. Chand is a leading Indian education content company in terms of revenue, titles, author relationships etc. With over 50 branches and marketing offices and extensive distribution system across India, our content reaches across the country to all the 29 states and 7 union territories. We also export our printed content to over 15 countries and digital content to countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.
Our strength lies in the efforts of our 1800+ employees, some having more than 20 years of experience, who help us in reaching out to our customers and maintaining our growth.


We are the leading Indian K-12 education content company (Source: Nielsen). Our K-12 content portfolio is offered to students from ages four through eighteen years and includes numerous instructional resources across hundreds of programs, covering nearly all subjects offered in the K-12 segment. Our prestigious brands include some of the best-selling and popular print content, such as S Chand, Vikas, Madhubun, Saraswati, Chhaya and IPP.

We also aim to use technology to innovate learning and content delivery and thereby build and deepen our relationships with students across the education lifecycle. We have also developed digital platforms and services such as Destination Success, Intellitab, Mystudygear, Ignitor and Flipclass. In addition to the numerous print and digital products, we are looking to develop educational services programmes, such as curriculum management to deepen our engagement with students, educators and institutions.
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Higher Education

Our higher education segment is the second largest by consolidated revenue and comprises of two components: test preparation and college and university/technical and professional. Our key brands in college and university/technical and professional include S Chand and Vikas. We have also invested in startups offering digital solutions in test preparations. We sell our content directly to the end consumer through a combination of distributors, retailers and online sales platforms.

Early Learning

Our early learning business caters to our youngest customer market (0-4 years of age) and exposes them to our brands, products and services at the beginning of their student career. We have early learning brands targeted to specific product and service categories. Our brands in our early learning business segment include BPI, Smartivity and Risekids. We sell content in our early learning directly to the end consumers through a combination of retailers and online sales platforms.

Our Digital and Service Offerings

We focus on digital education across our K-12 and higher education business segments. Over the last three years, we have coupled our print content with digital and interactive methods of learning, thereby providing with flexibility in the delivery of content to students. Our aim is to lead the transition to digital in the knowledge industry. In the K-12 business segment, we have presence in the classroom learning segment through Destination Success, presence in device based learning through Mystudygear, Intellitab and Ignitor and presence in other segments of K-12 through Smartivity (STEM based learning) and Flipclass (marketplace for tutoring).

In the higher education segment, our digital efforts are focused on test preparation. In test preparation, there is a gradual shift to the online examination formats and this trend has increased demand for online content and assessment solutions. We have enhanced our presence in both the content and assessment domains through our investments in Next Door Learning Solutions Private Limited (for the Online Tyari brand) and Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd (for the Testbook brand), which are online test preparation platforms.
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